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Julia Reece loves to shop. After encountering difficulties in dealing with the rapidly changing economy, learning to live within her means, and finding her "happy place", Julia felt it was time to share with others. It is her desire that you will take the time to read the book, and really evaluate your life, and make the necessary changes to cope with your own difficulties.

Julia has lived in Detroit her entire life. She will laugh and tell you that she has been trying to leave for some place warm, but her "shoestring" often gets in the way.

And that is her message to you - learn to live with your shoestring, and learn to have fun with it. There is no real reason to be down on yourself. If you can do better, then do so. If things are beyond your control, then learn to live with it and learn to laugh at and with it. Don't forget to reach back and share and help someone else. And never, ever, ever stop dreaming of the day when you have a fatter shoestring. If you have learned your lessons well, you will be able to keep that fat shoestring and still enjoy life.



















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